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Rocit Animal Health Pvt. Ltd.

Rocit Health Private Limited is a pioneering force in the realm of animal well-being, dedicated to delivering innovative solutions that foster healthier lives for animals worldwide. Founded on a profound commitment to excellence, compassion, and scientific advancement, Rocit Health has emerged as a trusted leader in the animal health industry.


Rocit Health employs a multidisciplinary approach to animal health, combining cutting-edge science, advanced manufacturing capabilities, and a passion for innovation. Our team of experts collaborates across disciplines to develop solutions that address the evolving needs of animals and the challenges faced by veterinarians and pet owners alike.

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Driven by a passion for animal welfare, Rocit Animal Pharma is steadfast in its mission to enhance the well-being and longevity of companion animals, livestock, and exotic species alike. By leveraging our in-depth knowledge and collaborative approach, we aim to set new benchmarks in veterinary medicine, ensuring healthier lives for our animal companions.


Methylprednisolone Tablets IP


Isoflupredone Acetate

Isoflupredone Acetate

Ondansetron Injection IP




Methylcobalamin, Vitamin B6 & Nicotinamide


Levetiracetam Tablets IP